Park Of The Week:- Insect World by FrontierDevelopments

Insect World by FrontierDevelopments

Despite completing RollerCoasterTyccons scenarios again and again – I was pleasantly surprised every time I opened one up to modify to upload to the manager. Some I remember many I didn’t.

Insect World … I didn’t.

In fact, I was pretty amazed when I opened up the park. The giant spider terraformed over the mountain side with its army of mini spiders.

In my opinion it shows first hand the effectiveness and power that terraforming has on parks and I’m hoping it will be an inspiration to all about terraforming (of course not saying we all have to build creepy crawlies!)

A large spider terraformed onto the enviroment

The giant spider stands over the landscape

It’s found under ‘Large’ and ‘Spooky’ if you want to find it. I can’t imagine what parks or rides will grow around this monster!!!