A Few Updates

Sercuity Update

A server side update has been undertaken. This improves sercuity on the File Upload side. For Version 1.3 this will remove restrictions on the text that can be entered in the Name and Description field. Special characters (such as full stops, dashes, underscores etc) will now be allowed.

These sercuity improvements will be rolled out across the entire server.

Sort Update

When searching for parks, you have the option to change the order the parks appear (order by date uploaded, order by rating etc). If you select ‘No Order’, as default, the parks will arrive in order of their upload date.

I have corrected this and for Version 1.2 and when you select ‘No Order’ all parks will be displayed in a random order.

Bug Located

I’ve just spotted a bug that affects version V1.2 and lower. When viewing  parks  that contain CSO an error is shown. If you select ‘CONTINUE’ the application should carry on fine.
This bug has been fixed for V1.3

Server Side Update

I have just completed a big update to the server side of the application.
If you search for a path but the application cannot find a matching park – the details of your park will be stored.

This means, I can see what parks you want but don’t exist!
It’s a very very very easy way to request parks that you want

There is, alias, one problem. Instead of getting a message saying “Could not find parks” you now receive an error “Error connecting”.

Keep searching :D