It’s a Challenge!

If you’ve been playing with my park manager you may notice there are some parks which are more challenging than others to build upon. Some with difficult terrain or some limited in space. This has given me an idea!

The rules:

Download any park that contains the word Challenge in it’s description or title from the park manager.

The aim:

To build a project – a ride, a park, a story a firework show: whatever!

Start Date:

Once at least 10 people have entered.

The judging:

You will be marked out of 10 by the public on three categories:

  • The Presentation – How you present your project including pictures and video editing
  • The Project – How well the project is built including themeing layout etc etc
  • The Use Of Terrain – How well do you make use of the ground. Do the rides work with the terrain?

There will also be an overall winner.

Time Limit:

A time limit of 10 weeks will be given once 10 people have entered.


Whilst terraforming is allowed excessive modifcation of the ground is not allowed. The idea is to work with the terrain- not against it.Use whatever CSO, CTR, CFR, CTs whatever you like!

The Contestants

    • Matt9537

  • Imagine
  • Techocolor
  • Chromin

To enter…Comment on this post, contact me directly ( or post on ShyGuysWorld:¬†,12728.0.html

note: if you have troubles with the park manager a full list of all parks will be made available with direct download links :) 

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