The Park Manager…

The Park Manager is a tool that allows users to download pre-terraformed parks into RCT3. The parks are designed with beauty and practically in mind and can be downloaded directly to your “Documents/RCT3/Parks” folder for direct opening in RCT3.

Searching for parks is even easier in the latest release V1.2 where you can specifiy your desired park size, terrain and feature (such as hills, mountains, waterfalls etc). There’s loads of search options to ensure that you get the park that’s right for you.

The ability to rate parks and leave comments on them also makes choosing the right park for you easy. A screenshot is provided along with details regarding the file size.

DATCSO is implemented so that the application will determine what CSO you have used in the park. It will also tell you what CSO you need to install to use the park.

Another feature of the park manager is that you can upload your own parks. Using tutorials available on this blog you can create your own landscapes and upload them quickly and easily for other people to use.

Program Manager_2013-06-13_10-31-282

The Collab Hub

The newest feature is the collab hub. Here, you can create a collabration between you and however many people you wish. A unique code is given which acts like a password. Only those who you give the code to may access the collab.

Here you can:

  • Upload any file type (videos, pictures etc) of any size
  • Private storage – no one can access the files other than those who you allow.
  • Thumbail view – All pictures will be displayed in a thumbnail so you can instantly see all images.
  • Chat room – a pirvate place to chat about your project or other matters.
  • DATCSO On Upload – The collab file will be scanned prior to upload so that others will know what CSOs and CTRs you have used.
  • DATCSO On Download – The application will return the list of CSOs and CTRs you need to use the park. It will tell you of any missing CSO and CTR files.
  • Backups – A backup of the collab park will be made with a time and date stamp – just in case ;)

Program Manager_2013-06-13_10-35-562

Head to the download area now to download yourself a copy. Documentation is available telling you more information about using it …



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