Collab Hub

‘m not releasing the application until I’ve implemented the Collab Hub into it.
I’ve just started work on it and it’s going very well. Here’s an overview of the plans and please leave any suggestions!

Step 1:
You create a new collab project and enter the names of your fellow collabers

Step 2:
App generates you a unique  code which you give to your fellow collabers

Step 3:
They go onto the collab hub and enter the code and voila!

You can only join the collab if you have the unique code and you are listed as being apart of the collab.
This is limited sercuity, I know, but…I will implement tougher sercuity measures at a later date.

The Collab hub will be consisted of the following features:

  • Park Uploader - Upload a the park file that you will be working on. I also plan to add autobackups to help save corrupted files etc.
  • DATCSO - DATCSO will be implemented (of course!) to make collabing files easier. All CSO needed for the file and what sets you are missng will be displayed for each user.
  • Chat Window - A little chat window…allowing you to chat away, leave comments etc etc – all semi-live of course!
  • File Viewer - You will have your own directory on the server for your collab. You can upload anything collab related here. Parks, audio, screenshots, videos, pictures etc etc. There will be a gallery viewer for the pictures and all files can be downloaded by all users. You can chat, upload a screenshot of your progress and all other collabers will see it instantly

I hope this all sounds good!
I may implement email notifcations if you guys want it.

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