Park Of The Week – Abletudus Island

Abletudus has been on a mini terraforming roll. In the last few days he has uploaded  three parks onto the application.


Curious, I had a downloaded them and I had a look around. The parks all feature some great terraforming but they all share the grass terrain (some rock textures along the cliff edges would look great :p).
But, one park in particular intrigued me. That is: Abletudus Island. Surprisingly it is one of the few ‘Grass’ Islands and it’s terrain is truly unique. Using the ‘flatten’ tool Abletudus has created a layed island that gradually climbs – almost like steps. Building on here will be very interesting and very unique.

In fact – provided no one beats me to it – I plan on creating a project here myself!

Shot0719Despite the lack of texturing, the park is a blank canvas. We are all capable of adding some rock texturing here, some sand on the beaches etc. We can terrain the park as we choose.

The flexibility doesn’t end there however, Whilst taking the screenshots, I decided to adjust the water level and discovered another level to this park. The layers meant that you can adjust the water level higher around the park – decreasing the size of the island but massively changing its shape.

With the Terraforming change prior to V1.2s release creeping up – Abletudus has certainly been practising with his parks.

You can find this park under Island, Medium, Grass


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