Sneak Peak at V1.2

Unfortunately there hasn’t been enough parks to choose a park of the week!
Get terraforming or building on what already exists! :p


Guys I have been busy working on V1.2 which promises to be the biggest update so far.
I’m going to show you the updated download menu which has had a overhaul.

Park Manager V1.2
What’s new (working left to right):
1) You can now do multi select on park sizes. Select parks that are small and medium, medium and large etc
2) Select multiple terrains at once.
3) You can now look for parks that don’t have. For example, you want mountains and hills but no island.
4) You can now search by rating. (More on ratings later)
5) You can now adjust the order of the results.

As you can see…it’s been a big update. However, that’s now all. There’s some even more exciting additions – but I’ll cover those later!)

Regarding a release date?
I’m going to setup a challenge…a terraforming challenge. The update will only be released when a certain about of parks have been uploaded. I’ll reveal the target later – but for now get brushing up your terraforming skills (head over to my blog for tutorials!)

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