Collab Hub

‘m not releasing the application until I’ve implemented the Collab Hub into it.
I’ve just started work on it and it’s going very well. Here’s an overview of the plans and please leave any suggestions!

Step 1:
You create a new collab project and enter the names of your fellow collabers

Step 2:
App generates you a unique  code which you give to your fellow collabers

Step 3:
They go onto the collab hub and enter the code and voila!

You can only join the collab if you have the unique code and you are listed as being apart of the collab.
This is limited sercuity, I know, but…I will implement tougher sercuity measures at a later date.

The Collab hub will be consisted of the following features:

  • Park Uploader - Upload a the park file that you will be working on. I also plan to add autobackups to help save corrupted files etc.
  • DATCSO - DATCSO will be implemented (of course!) to make collabing files easier. All CSO needed for the file and what sets you are missng will be displayed for each user.
  • Chat Window - A little chat window…allowing you to chat away, leave comments etc etc – all semi-live of course!
  • File Viewer - You will have your own directory on the server for your collab. You can upload anything collab related here. Parks, audio, screenshots, videos, pictures etc etc. There will be a gallery viewer for the pictures and all files can be downloaded by all users. You can chat, upload a screenshot of your progress and all other collabers will see it instantly

I hope this all sounds good!
I may implement email notifcations if you guys want it.

A Few Updates

Sercuity Update

A server side update has been undertaken. This improves sercuity on the File Upload side. For Version 1.3 this will remove restrictions on the text that can be entered in the Name and Description field. Special characters (such as full stops, dashes, underscores etc) will now be allowed.

These sercuity improvements will be rolled out across the entire server.

Sort Update

When searching for parks, you have the option to change the order the parks appear (order by date uploaded, order by rating etc). If you select ‘No Order’, as default, the parks will arrive in order of their upload date.

I have corrected this and for Version 1.2 and when you select ‘No Order’ all parks will be displayed in a random order.

Bug Located

I’ve just spotted a bug that affects version V1.2 and lower. When viewing  parks  that contain CSO an error is shown. If you select ‘CONTINUE’ the application should carry on fine.
This bug has been fixed for V1.3

Net On

With the NetOn sets, there came a series of landscapes. I am trying to contact the NetOn team for permission to upload them to the Park Manager.
So far, there has been no response and I’ve been trying since this app was released.
Can anyone provide me with their contact details.
If not, I will assume the team is inactive and in the name of preserving their work, I may have to upload the files anyway. If they disapprove, I will gladly take them down – But I do no want their work to disappear…

Update on V1.3

For those who aren’t aware. Version 1.3 will now include V1.1 of the DATCSO code.

This means that the application will scan your park file before uploading and automatically detect any CSO sets used.

On the other side of the fence, the application can also scan a file from the FileViewer and tell you what CSOs you need in order to open the file.

This is a vrey powerful feature and I hope will make uploading and downloading parks a lot easier.

Due to this however, all parks on the database have been put through Joeys ParkCleanup and scanned with th DATCSO and had their CSO list updated. This is to ensure that the current parks are compatible with V1.3.


V1.3 will let the uploader disable DATCSO if he/she wishes.

Thanks a lot to B0Z for the source code and he hard work he has invested into this.

Screenshots to follow soon!


We’ve broken the 200 mark. Well over 200 parks have been downloaded!! A large chunk of this occurred within the past 24 hours! So thanks a lot!

So, I’ve brushed off the thin layer of dust and set about on V1.3

It may not seem that big at the start – but in terms of the implementation and hard work – this will pave the way for all of my future plans.

Running With Admin - The biggest change is that now ParkManager will have to be run as an admin. You will be asked on launch if you give permission for this. Why you ask:

  • Now you can download files directly into your RCT3 Game Directory. When you select ‘new sandbox’ it opens a file in the game directory called ‘blanklandscape’ using this knowledge – you can now download a park to overwrite this file. This means – click download – and when you select ‘New Sandbox’ your downloaded park will be there – the perfect and easiest way to use a park as a template
  • 1-Click Download. With 1-Click the application will download a random, new park to overwrite the ‘blanklandscape’ and then launch your RCT3 game – As if downloading a terraformed park as a template wasn’t easy enough!
  • CSO – This also allows my application to modify the style/themed folder and thus, install CSO there. This will be implemented at a future date.

Preview - As requested. When uploading your park, you can now see a preview of what it would look like. You can ensure the text is displayed currently and that the image is okay.
Line Breaks - Although small, the application will now display line breaks. Up to now, the application displays all text on the same line. V1.3 will address this minor issue.
Text Formatting - Text can now make use of formatting by using BB tags such as “[ b ]” and “[ / b ]” etc as you would expect in forums. I can’t promise complex formatting but definitely Bold, Italic, Underline and perhaps some text colours. This can be used across the application such as on the description and in comments.
News Feed - The news feed will be updated with Textformatting and will get an overhaul to improve its presentation. Other features include automatic URL embedding. For URLs that are included in the news, they will automatically be converted to a hyperlink so you can go straight to the URL.



Terra It 2

Another Terra It has been released.

I make a map live for you all to see.

This week it’s a park requested by ToofPik. Let me know of you requests on this post.

I hope the pictures better. I tried repositioning  adjusting the colours and settings on both the camera and my TV. If this gets popular I shall invest in better a quality setup.

Hope you enjoy!