Park Showcase: Cascade Park

Despite all of the custom content and mods – I think I’ll always enjoy the pre built scenarios. They were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed playing them.

So…I’ve taken to making my own scenarios which are now available via the Park Manager (just select Scenarios in the search feature!).
Here’s on of my newest ones. I hope you like!

This is Cascade Park. A park built on four layers with best high rollers waterfalls going between them. The park doesn’t contain any custom content and I hope this will be a nice little trip down memory lane for you!

Got any scenario ideas? Make them and let’s play them!


Park Of The Week – Abletudus Island

Abletudus has been on a mini terraforming roll. In the last few days he has uploaded  three parks onto the application.


Curious, I had a downloaded them and I had a look around. The parks all feature some great terraforming but they all share the grass terrain (some rock textures along the cliff edges would look great :p).
But, one park in particular intrigued me. That is: Abletudus Island. Surprisingly it is one of the few ‘Grass’ Islands and it’s terrain is truly unique. Using the ‘flatten’ tool Abletudus has created a layed island that gradually climbs – almost like steps. Building on here will be very interesting and very unique.

In fact – provided no one beats me to it – I plan on creating a project here myself!

Shot0719Despite the lack of texturing, the park is a blank canvas. We are all capable of adding some rock texturing here, some sand on the beaches etc. We can terrain the park as we choose.

The flexibility doesn’t end there however, Whilst taking the screenshots, I decided to adjust the water level and discovered another level to this park. The layers meant that you can adjust the water level higher around the park – decreasing the size of the island but massively changing its shape.

With the Terraforming change prior to V1.2s release creeping up – Abletudus has certainly been practising with his parks.

You can find this park under Island, Medium, Grass


Park Of The Week – Deserted Oasis by Matt9537

Normally I would refrain selecting my own work for picture of the week. However, an exception is going to be made here I think.

A large set of islands stand in the tropical waters.

A large set of islands stand in the tropical waters.

The reason – this park came from a set of backups I made and it’s a park file that was lost. When I opened it, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what the file was about – and boy was I taken aback.

I know I used to run a Terraforming shop many years back. This file was newer. However, I didn’t know why I created it or even remember doing it! It was with about dozen other terraformed parks that – when created were instantly put aside.

They are now on the systems so that they will get some use.

Regrettably, I must confess, the terraforming skills in this park (and the others alongside it) were far superior to my current skills (at least in my opinion). What surprised me more was the size of these parks. Considering a standard RCT3 park is 128×128 – this park was almost double that at 230×230!!

A waterfall pours from a mountain into a river that makes its way to the sea

A waterfall pours from a mountain into a river that makes its way to the sea

The size, the detail and the beauty of the park has inspired me to up my game when it comes to terraforming. This, and the fact I was surprised by own abilities makes this my park of the week.

At 230x230 it's one of the biggest parks you can make on RCT!

At 230×230 it’s one of the biggest parks you can make on RCT!

It’s a large, tropical map with rivers, sets of island, mountains and a waterfall

Park Of The Week – 1 Day Challenge by MarchingEagle1028

Small mountains, small waterfalls witll make your coaster look taller.Small mountains, small waterfalls witll make your coaster look taller.

The landscape that could soon host your ride

I was going to be the European host and judge for MarchingEagles 1 Day Challenge.

When MarchingEagle sent me the park he had made for it, I fell in love with it.

What I enjoyed most from it, was not the amazing terrain painting, it was not the brilliant terraforming but it was the scale.

When I create mountains, they’re big, trying to give the dominating feeling as if you are in a real life mountain range. When I create waterfalls, they’re pouring from great heights – but in MarchingEagles park … he had done the opposite.

That was what was so good.

Small mountains, small waterfalls will make your coaster look taller.

Small mountains, small waterfalls will make your coaster look taller.

His mountains don’t have their peaks in the clouds nor does the waterfall pour from the heavens. He’s created a realistic mountain range and waterfall without the height.

Compared to building on a typical landscape, on this park, rides will stretch far above the mountains making coasters look bigger. With coasters, what? two or three times bigger than the mountains that surround them, that’s going to create an impressive looking ride!

It’s a small park with mountains, river and a waterfall if you want to search for it – or look it up via the author name, MarchingEagle1028.

A close up of the waterfall

A close up of the waterfall

Park Of The Week:- Insect World by FrontierDevelopments

Insect World by FrontierDevelopments

Despite completing RollerCoasterTyccons scenarios again and again – I was pleasantly surprised every time I opened one up to modify to upload to the manager. Some I remember many I didn’t.

Insect World … I didn’t.

In fact, I was pretty amazed when I opened up the park. The giant spider terraformed over the mountain side with its army of mini spiders.

In my opinion it shows first hand the effectiveness and power that terraforming has on parks and I’m hoping it will be an inspiration to all about terraforming (of course not saying we all have to build creepy crawlies!)

A large spider terraformed onto the enviroment

The giant spider stands over the landscape

It’s found under ‘Large’ and ‘Spooky’ if you want to find it. I can’t imagine what parks or rides will grow around this monster!!!