Park Manager Web


Many people have been asking about a mac compatible version of Park Manager. I introduce, ParkManagerWeb. Now upload and download parks from within your browser. No installation – just search and download!
You can access it whereever you are (even on mobile!)

Also allows you to share your creations with your friends via a hyper link like so:

Use it at

Park Showcase: Cascade Park

Despite all of the custom content and mods – I think I’ll always enjoy the pre built scenarios. They were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed playing them.

So…I’ve taken to making my own scenarios which are now available via the Park Manager (just select Scenarios in the search feature!).
Here’s on of my newest ones. I hope you like!

This is Cascade Park. A park built on four layers with best high rollers waterfalls going between them. The park doesn’t contain any custom content and I hope this will be a nice little trip down memory lane for you!

Got any scenario ideas? Make them and let’s play them!


I’m Back!!

I’ve kinda taken a break from Park Manager due to other distractions (such as University).
I’m now back…I’ve uploaded some new Parks for you and some Scenarios. So if you fancy building to challenges, please give them a try!

Also…if you fancy creating your own Scenarios I would LOVE to give them a try!

V1.6 is currently underway!

Version 1.5!

Version 1.5 is out now!
The new features in Version 1.5

  • Newly desginned interface and icon.
  • Login account – no need to worry about codes when doing a collab. No need to remember peoples username and emails – everything is a lot simpler and much quicker!
  • CSO Uploader. When you upload a park all CSOs will be uploaded. This will (soon) create a directory of every CSO set there is. This will be used in Version 1.6 and serve as a backup for the future.

Note: CSO sets cannot be downloaded at present. Downloads will be included in later versions of the application. If you are concerned about the usage of your sets please contact me at


V1.4 Released

Version 1.4 of Park Manager is now released:

A brief overview of the changes:

Major Updates:

  • Can upload/Download Parks, Rides and Scenarios as well as terrain
  • View stats of the ParkManager – most downloaded park, most rated park etc – double click to view them!
  • Can upload mulitple images to the ParkManager
  • Can add your own code for the Collab Hub

Minor Updates:

  • Better error messages. Provide more information as well as an error code. If you have a problem – give me a code and I will know exactly what is wrong
  • No more freezing! Now when using DATCSO the application will not freeze but work in the background
  • Progress bar on the DATCSO GUI



Download it on the Download Page

I’m Back!

I have been absent (if you weren’t aware) for the past month or so, in Brazil for work. So there hasn’t been any updates.

I am planning on doing more tutorials this weekend so keep an eye out (any requests then let me know!)

Version 1.4 of the Park Manager is under way and here’s a quick update:,11843.msg331855.html#msg331855

Now you can search for Parks and Rides using the Park Manager!